Three ceramic artists based in Hackney, East London, present their collections of handcrafted  functional ware and sculptural pieces that will bring art and beauty into your daily life.

Mazchenik Ceramics

Maria Alvarez Echenique is a ceramic artist born in Spain and living and working as a ceramicist is London since 1997. She graduated in ceramics from Camberwell University of the Arts in 2008.

Her tableware brings the harmony of art and craft into your life. Each piece is unique and her love for nature and its patterns has heavily influenced her designs.

She breathes new life into ceramics with her  'Earthscape Collection', a series of tableware using the distinctive Japanese technique called 'Nerikomi' that she explored in a residency in Osaka, Japan in 2017.

To see her sculptural and installation works please visit www.mazchenik.co.uk

Diana Ambida Ceramics

Diana trained in fine arts in Canada and has had a ceramic practice in Hackney for over 10 years. She has travelled extensively in the Far East and recently participated in residencies in Japan and Spain.  

Her pieces combine functionality with her interest in ceramic techniques and traditions learned from her travels.  Her recent collection of monochromatic plates, cups and mugs explore glazes and her thrown small vases play with shapes and textures.

For more samples of her work please visit www.dianaambida.co.uk

Lina E. Ceramics

Lina has worked as a professional photographer in the past.  She has a Fine Art Degree, with a background in Painting. 

Lina's ceramics are made with a delicate touch.  Layers of pink, mauve, yellow, turquoise and other pastel hues are used like water colour.  The layers of of glazes drip and overlap to create a lively translucent surface, which give Lina's small teacups, bowls, and vases an immediate and fresh quality.

For more information please visit www.linaeceramics.com